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    海南省委常委 三亚市委书记 童道驰??
    Distinguished leaders, guests of honor, and dear friends from the press,
    Good evening!
    It gives me great honor to be here and to extend, on behalf of the CPC Hainan Provincial Committee, Hainan Provincial Government as well as the CPC Sanya Municipal Committee and Sanya Municipal Government, our warmest welcome to all the outstanding film artists from around the world for the kick-off of a brand new international film festival.
    Life was like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.这是《阿甘正传》中的一句经典台词,它揭示出了世事的偶然性和复杂性,一如今天我与电影如此切近、从未预料的邂逅。人们时常喜欢做一些充满浪漫主义的发问,诸如“如果有来生,你会怎样选择人生”这样的命题,尽管我更多时候喜欢依靠数据、逻辑进行左脑思维,我右脑显然不那么灵光,但我也不得不承认这些形而上设问的迷人之处,一如电影。用光影构造一个虚拟的现实世界,你以为它是真的它却是假的,你以为它是假的却又是真的;你以为它毫无价值,它却能经受住时间的残酷筛选而具有永恒的生命力,鼓舞和激励一代代人更好地生活;你以为它是至宝,拆开它,又不过是一帧帧的静态的画面。这就是电影最大的魅惑。
    “Life was like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get”. This classic line from the famous movie Forrest Gump reveals the chanciness and complexity of things in the world, just like how unexpectedly I find myself so close to films today. People usually raise romantic questions like “what kind of life will you choose if there is an afterlife?”. Even though I am not quite a right brain man as I use my left brain more often and rely more on data and logic to think, I have to admit the charm of those metaphysical questions; as it is the? same case with movies. Movies create a virtual reality with lights and shadows, making it difficult for you to tell what is real and what is false. You might regard them worthless, yet they can endure the hardest test of time and become an immortal inspiration for one generation after another. You might view them as a treasure, yet only to find them made of nothing but scenes and pictures. This is exactly what is most fascinating about movies.?
    I cannot imagine how to make a story acceptable to and? popular with the audience only out of a concept or an emotion in mind, nor can I imagine how to hold myself when facing a group of artists with free spirits and talents. Obviously, I would be a terrible director. However, when it comes to serving global film artists, and creating the platforms for finance, human resources and trade to support the film industry, I am confident and professional. What’s more, we have a team who are ready to serve the film industry and artists, in addition to a favorable ecological and social environment where artists can feel free to create and share works.??
    Against the background when China embraces a new round of opening-up with a top-level design, Hainan International Film Festival was born at a critical moment when Hainan is? promoting the development of a pilot free trade zone and exploring the establishment of a free trade port with Chinese characteristics. It is therefore all the more meaningful with a high starting point and a strategic vision. Sanya is so honored to be part of this new film festival and be the maker and witness of history. The whole city will be dedicated to ensuring the success of the festival, and presenting to film artists worldwide a totally different international film festival full of tropical charm.
    To wrap up, I wish the First Hainan International Film Festival a complete success, and all of you a pleasant stay in Sanya. Thank you!

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